Thursday, July 3, 2008

Endings: School, Nursing and Spring

Today I threw out my nursing pillow-finally after months of sitting on a chair. I tried to give it away, but had no takers. It made me really melancholy and for someone who approaches purging the apartment of impractical albeit sentimental items with the steely determination and ruthlessness of an assassin, it was a first. It was hard to leave it in the trash room and every time I returned to toss out some other piece of plastic battery operated crap in my spring/summer cleaning campaign, I saw that pillow sitting on a pile of recyclables, and got sadder. I think letting that pillow go means that Sunam is growing up, and my own 7 year vocation of tending to babies is nearing its end. I got choked up—weird for me, but it happened. Stop being sentimental—you have kids to raise!

Ok, so there is this lovely 5th grade boy, Theo, at the kids school who lives in our neighborhood. When the kids are all outside, he volunteers to have Arjun on his team knowing that Arjun doesn’t understand the rules or wont help his team win. And he gently coaxes Arjun to keep playing and not giving up, and always greets the kids at school. Anyways he is very kind and since there is only one class per grade at our school, all the kids know each other. Now Sonali’s crush obsessed friend (don’t’ get me started) has a crush on this boy, but Sonali as far as I can, thinks of Theo as a friend. On the last day of school (5th graders are leaving the school), I was chatting with some parent’s and then turned around and saw Theo giving Sonali a hug. He was giving everyone hugs.You should have seen the look on her face—she doesn’t really like physical affection. She had this look of stunned euphoria on her face—muted of course as Sonali is about emotional expressions. It was sweet and I think she was a little embarrassed!

Arjun had a fabulous first year at big kids school and has become quite the little soccer player. Status towards new baby: mixed, love mixed with pulling of arms, twisting legs and HARD kisses. Will this pass?

Sunam: Sheer delight. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful baby? I tell Prashil all the time, I don’t care about the smallness of our living space and the beat upedness of our car, and the lack of our ability to buy even a 2BD apt in our neighborhood, Sunam rocks and makes me happy. Thanks kids. Ok, back to the fish oils

Summer is here. We love NYC in the summer, so much stuff to do and the grass is so lush. It truly is greener and lusher than anywhere else—I swear.